Welcome to IP Indexing!!

IP Indexing is thrilled to welcome all visitors as you embark on an exciting journey in the scientific world. Here we believe that you can improve the quality of your journals and can make them widely visible within the scientific community.


What is IP Indexing?

IP Indexing is a collection of online journals related to multidisciplinary subjects from each and every corner of the world. We are providing a platform to showcase the research of a common researcher to the whole community. It segregates the quality control of open-access journals, and comprehensive information, making it easy to discover, increasing citations, and allowing retrieval and reuse from all over the world. Ip indexing will not charge any amount for indexing of your journals but we will be checking the quality of your journal. If the journal fulfills all the criteria of selection, then you will be shortlisted. You can check the Selection Criteria, IP Value FAQs, Journal Submission Form etc., It will guide you in applying further.



IP Indexing is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of indexing, making information readily accessible, and empowering you to harness the power of efficient organization.



Our vision is to promote open-access publishing throughout the globe. We include the work that follows core ideals, and guiding principles, and creates intended impacts that can lead to a strong impact on the researcher community. The broader vision is to enhance the journal’s quality, and to help the institutions & societies in highlighting and showcasing their research and content. We are unraveling the mysteries and the discovery of innovations that shape our world. 



Our mission is to be your trusted platform or companion in your exploration of the science field.  We hold the mission to make complex concepts accessible, foster scientific curiosity, and inspire you to see the wonder in the publishing world.

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