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Emerging role of pharmacoeconomics into clinical trials and its outcomes: An overview

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Vishal Kumar Biswkarma, Swati Wadhawan

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The expenses of health services are expanding in all the nations as the enhancement in and alteration of wellbeing advances every day. Pharmacoeconomics evaluation of clinical trials plays a vital role in assisting clinicians and researchers to take the decision over the economic and clinical outcomes of new health intervention and in helping patients to access new health interventions in affordable expenses. Incorporating pharmacoeconomics into clinical trials offers a clinical research organization to developed, design, and conduct a clinical trial to gain the most reliable data with possible minimum expenses. A literature search was done using Medline electronic database with PubMed. MeSH terms such as ‘Pharmacoeconomics’, Cost-effectiveness Analysis’, ‘Cost-minimization Analysis’, ‘Cost-utility Analysis’, ‘Cost-benefit Analysis’, ‘Health economics’, ‘Quality of Life’, ‘Cost-analysis’, ‘Clinical trials’, ‘Healthcare’ etc. were used. We found that most randomized clinical trials have been assessed for economic evaluation. Pharmacoeconomics data generated from clinical trials gives insight to researchers and industries to estimate the economic burden of trials, decide to provide reimbursement to participants, and allocating funds to clinical trial/health research. Key Messages: The economic assessments of trials offer health organizations to decide policymaking and providing health insurance whereas regulatory bodies over approval and pricing of new health intervention. The researchers need to develop, design, and conduct an economic assessment of the initial phase of clinical trials which provide the basis to conduct an economic evaluation for further trial development phases.

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 Clinical trials, Pharmacoeconomics evaluation, Randomized clinical trial, Emerging, Cost-effectiveness analysis.

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