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Congenital midline nasal dermoid sinus cyst- our experience

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Case Report

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Nilam Sathe, Dhanashree Chiplunkar, Pravin Misal, Swaapnal Sawarkar

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Introduction: Nasofrontal Dermoid Sinus Cyst originates from ectoderm. Ectoderm is derived from neuroectoderm & ectodermal inspiration.u00a0 It may present as midline nasal pit, fistula or infected mass anywhere from glabella to columella. Sometimes it may present as single cutaneous tract with hair at the opening. It may secrete pus or sebaceous discharge. Investigation is in the form of radiological imaging mainly CT scan with or without MRI of nose and paranasal sinuses to rule out intracranial extension. Treatment is the surgical excision of entire tract to prevent recurrence.nCase Reports: We are presenting 6 cases with complaints of either nasal fistula or nasal swelling or lateral nasal wall defect. The selected age group ranging between3 to 18 years and presenting the comprehensive discussion about diagnosis, embryology & management.nConclusion: Among the midline nasal masses, congenital dermoid cyst & sinuses are very rare anomalies & are important because of their high propensity of intracranial extension. The CT and/or MRI is needed to rule out such extensions. Treatment is complete surgical excision. External rhinoplasty approach is preferred as it gives good exposure, good cosmetic results.nn

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Congenital, Nasal dermoid sinus cyst.


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