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Middle Ear Adenoma presenting as a Petrous Mass Lesion Lesion

Author details : Pearly PK

Keyword : Middle ear, Middle Ear Adenoma, Middle Ear benign tumor, Adenoma

Volume : 7 Issue : 2

Fronto-ethmoidal Mucocele with Frontal Sinus Destruction

Author details : M. Gupta

Keyword : Fronto-ethmoidal mucocele, diplopia, two mucocele, CSF rhinorrhoea

Volume : 7 Issue : 2

NEUROENDOCRINE CARCINOMA AS SINONASAL MALIGNANCY: A Clinicopathological challenge and its varied treatment modalities

Author details : Nitya Singh,

Keyword : Neuroendocrine, Paranasal sinus, Epistaxis, Carcinoma

Volume : 7 Issue : 2

Customised light source for Sinuscope A Novel Design

Author details : Arvind Kumar Verma

Keyword : Sinuscopes , Novel Design, Customised light source

Volume : 7 Issue : 2

Assessment of Balance Disorders

Author details : Dr. Anupam Mishra

Keyword : Balance Disorders , Vertigo, Dizziness

Volume : 7 Issue : 2


Author details : Sumit Sharma

Keyword : Plagiarism,

Volume : 7 Issue : 2


Author details : Venkatakarthikeyan C,

Keyword : Robot assisted surgery, Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS), Remote access surgery.

Volume : 7 Issue : 2


Author details : Pankaj Srivastava

Keyword : Cholesteatoma, canal wall down Mastoidectomy, mastoid cavity

Volume : 7 Issue : 2


Author details : K. P. Suri Prabhu

Keyword : Annulus, tympanoplasty, interlay, middle ear, tympanic membrane, Myringoplasty

Volume : 7 Issue : 2

Multiple urethroperineal fistula in a boy with posterior urethral valve: A case report of an extremely rare association

Author details : Md. Samiul Hasan

Keyword : Urethroperineal fistula, posterior urethral valve, urethral duplication

Volume : 7 Issue : 1

Bilateral single system vaginal ectopic ureters: A rare variant

Author details : Shyamendra Pratap Sharma

Keyword : Single-system ectopic ureter, vaginal ectopic ureter, ureteric re-implantation

Volume : 7 Issue : 1

Epidermoid inclusion cyst after urethroplasty: A rare complication

Author details : Volkan Sarper Erikci

Keyword : Epidermoid inclusion cysts, hypospadias, complication, children

Volume : 7 Issue : 1

Loop ureterocystoplasty for multiple reimplantation failures of refluxing megaureter to atrophic bladder: A novel technique and its long term outcome

Author details : Shigeru Nakamura

Keyword : Augmentation cystoplasty, ureterocystoplasty, ureteroneocystostomy

Volume : 7 Issue : 1

Extensive chondroid differentiation in a Wilms tumor following chemotherapy: Clinical relevance and implications

Author details : Kalpana Kumari

Keyword : Wilms tumor, chondroid, post-chemotherapy, stromal

Volume : 7 Issue : 1

Unexpected risk of gynecological malignant and premalignant disease in women undergoing hysterectomy for pelvic organ prolapse

Author details : Mustafa Ayhan Ekici

Keyword : Pelvic organ prolapse, uterovaginal prolapse, hysterectomy, malignancy

Volume : 3 Issue : 1

Evaluation of symptomatological and hematological aspects of patients with dizziness in a sample of 744 subjects

Author details : Akif Gunes

Keyword : Dizziness, vertigo, vestibular disease, vestibulopathy

Volume : 3 Issue : 1

The role of diffusion weighted imaging in magnetic resonance to evaluate breast masses

Author details : Aysu Basak Ozbalci

Keyword : Magnetic resonance imaging, diffusion, breast masses.

Volume : 3 Issue : 1

Role of N-terminal pro b-type natriuretic peptide (NT-pro-BNP) in compensated chronic kidney disease

Author details : Tuba T. Duman

Keyword : Chronic kidney disease, NT-pro BNP, hypervolemia.

Volume : 3 Issue : 1

Influence of articular arthroscopy-like washout on fracture healing of intra-articular fractures; animal experiment

Author details : Osman Orman

Keyword : Intra-articular fracture, arthroscopy, irrigation, fracture union, cartilage healing

Volume : 3 Issue : 1

Effects of evening primrose oil and 5-fluorouracil on the healing of colonic anastomoses in rats

Author details : Gokhan Selcuk Ozbalci

Keyword : Anastomotic healing, evening primrose oil, 5-fluorouracil, bursting pressure

Volume : 3 Issue : 1

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